Creamerie Season 2: Uncovers The Most Hidden Secrets!

Creamerie is a TV show that has released on the Hulu Streaming Platform, The Creamerie Season 2 has been started when season 1 ended.

In season 2 Alex, Jamie, Pip, and Bobby Lane are stuck in Lane’s Underground Man-Milking facility.

Four women are very upset because Bobby was secretly helping Lane.

Now they are searching that how to stay away from the facility and stop the Lane’s plan to take over the world.

Now guys here we are discussing the Creamerie Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer and so many things.

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Creamerie Season 2

Creamerie Season 2
GenreBlack comedy, Thriller
Created byRoseanne Liang, J.J. Fong, Perlina Lau, Ally Xue
Directed byRoseanne Liang
Country of originNew Zealand
Original languageEnglish
Total series2
Total episodes12
Original networkTVNZ OnDemand, Hulu
Original release19 April 2021 To Present

In this story expand and goes to Auckland, where Government’s Prime Minister cares about important social issues.

This TV Show focus on the ideas of good friends, someone betraying, forgiveness, and making things right.

If you are interested in dark comedies and also in strong female characters then definitely you should to watch Creamerie Season 2.

It includes very funny moments which make people laugh and ponder.

Creamerie Season 2 Release Date:

The Release date of Creamerie Season 2 is depending on different regions:

New Zealand: July 14, 2023

United States: July 15, 2023

Australia: July 22, 2023

And you can also check the official z release date of your region on the official website.

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Creamerie Season 2 Cast:

Here is the cast list for Creamerie Season 2:

Ally XueAlex
J.J. FongJaime
Perlina LauPip
Jay RyanBobby
Tandi WrightLane
Kimberley CrossmanMichelle
Nikki Si’ulepaConstance
Helene WongTilda
Rachel HouseDoc Harvey
Yoson AnJackson
Renee LyonsViv
Brynley StentLynley
Ava DiakhabyAda
Angella DravidBrandi
Keborah TorranceBernice
Sara WisemanHunter
David CorreosMr. Creamery
Zoe TerakesImogen
Roseanne LiangDr. Lin
Taika WaititiThe Voice
Ally Xue
Ally Xue
J.J. Fong
J.J. Fong
Perlina Lau
Perlina Lau

Creamerie Season 2 Story:

Creamerie Season 2 starts where Season 1 has ended, the four women are even now stuck in facilities and they also feel shocked because Bobby worked with Lane.

And now they will think that how to break free from the facility and prevent Lane from taking control of the whole world.

In season 2 scope has expended on Auckland City. This country is led by the very intelligent female Prime Minister,

When the story continues, friends are faces more and more dangerous situations. They fight against the person who helps Lane.

And the governments are focused on controlling the people than on helping them.

When they come to know about the real truth, things become more serious and risky.

But the Creamerie women are ready to fight for their future, it’s no matter what challenges come.

Here are some key points:

  1. Alex, Jamie, and Pip know that Lane Operates a hidden laboratory where she collects sperm that uses it to make a new generation of men who is loyal to only her.
  2. They also know that Lane is blamed for the “Pandemic” that made for controlling the population.
  3. Creamerie women make a group and they fight against the Lane and their followers.
  4. In final they are successful to defeat Lane, but she reveals that she has one more surprise plan left.

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Creamerie Season 2 Watch Online:

Now at present time Creamerie Season 2 TV Series are available in different countries:

New Zealand

United States

In New Zealand, you can watch Creamerie Season 2 TV Show on TVNZ.

And in the United States, you can watch this TV Show on Hulu.

And now talk about some other streaming platforms then you can also purchase Creamerie Season 2 on the following digital platforms:

Apple TV

Amazon Prime Video


Google Play

Creamerie Season 2 Reviews:

Now guys We are very happy to inform you that the Creamerie Season 2 TV Series got a very good response from the audience.

According to audience and critics:

  1. The performance of all cast is very well.
  2. This TV Show has a sharp storytelling way and witty dialogue.
  3. This TV Show expresses some complex problems like gender, power, and violence.
  4. Now if you want to see some fresh TV Shows then you should watch.

Creamerie Season 2 All Episodes:

Here is the list of all episodes of Creamerie Season 2:

1The Escape
2The Sanctuary
3The Black Market
4The Battle
5The Reunion
6The End

Creamerie Season 2 Trailer:

The Creamerie Season 2 start with the Voice of Alex, He says that “We thought we were safe, we thought we were free But now we are wrong.”

Now after that wee Creamerie Women who run away from the Lane and their folks. They are drive e the car in the desert.

In the trailer, we see some new characters like a mysterious person that wthaton’t know whether he is Jackson or not.

One government agent wants to catch Creamerie’s women.

Trailer end with the scene where Alex, Jamie, Pip, and Bobby stand together.

And ready to encounter some new problems, a voice says: “We don’t give up, We will fight again for what’s to come and for our future and freedom.”

Season 2 trailers are more scary and dangerous as compared to the Season 1 Trailer.

In this season Creamerie women fight for new challenges and also see some dangerous things come.

But also Creamerie women are very strong for their future. Overall this TV is extraordinary and made in a very fantastic way.

If you want to watch the season 2 trailer, we have provided the link below, you can watch it, and we hope you like this trailer.

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Creamerie Season 2 Ratings:

In IMDb, this TV Show has got a rating of 8.4 out of 10 and this rating is based on 2000 user ratings l.

Which makes most highly rated TV Show on IMDb in the Comedy Genre.

Creamerie Season 2 got a 100% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes which is based on 10 reviews.

And Average Rating is 8.3/10.

Metacritic gives an average score of 83 out of 100 which is also based on 4 critics.


Overall if you have dark comedy, or fantasy and want a new fresh TV show then this TV is best for you.

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