Is Deadly Entanglement 2023 Release Date the Most Suspenseful Movie Ever?

Deadly Entanglement is a famous American Drama, Thriller Film which has released in 2023.

And this film has directed by Jamal Hill and we see Monica Calhoun, Vanessa Bell Calloway, And Clifton Powel in the lead roles.

So guys here we are explaining about the Deadly Entanglement Release Date, Cast, Story, etc.

So stay with us and keep enjoying this article without any further delay let’s get started:

Deadly Entanglement 2023

NameDeadly Entanglement
GenreAction, Drama, Thriller
Directed ByBobby Yan
WritersCamara DavisDanial Nasser
Release DateJune 8, 2023
IMDb Ratings5.3/10

As we told you that Deadly Entanglement is an American Drama and Thriller Film. The story of this film is about a singer who is brink on the of stardom.

But the problem arises when her husband who is a music producer, is frustrated with his ex-wife.

His ex-wife wants to go back to her old life with him and she does anything for that.

Critics have different opinions about this Movie, someone liked the performance of the actors but someone criticize the film because of the predictable and lack of originality.

If you are a fan of drama thriller Films or TV shows, then Deadly Entanglement is a good choice for watching.

In this film, the actor’s performance is very well and also keeps the suspense We see that strong female characters, make the film outstanding.

Now the question is come out that where Can I watch this Film:

So the answer is also very simple, you can enjoy Deadly Entanglement Movie in different Streaming Platform like:

  1. BET+
  2. Amazon Prime Video
  3. Apple TV
  4. Vudu
  5. Google Play.

Now let’s talk about the what is the release date of Deadly Entanglement Movie.

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Deadly Entanglement 2023 Release Date:

The Deadly Entanglement is an American Action Thriller movie which had released on June 8, 2023.

And we want to give you the additional information that this Movie Originally was to be released on March 17, 2023, in theatres but after some time the release date had been changed.

Because of the COVID-19 Pandemic, that’s why the production process was very delayed.

But unfortunately, Deadly Entanglement Movie has made me disappointed at the box office, it only made $2.5 million worldwide, even though it cost around $10 million to make this movie.

But some people love this film because of its sense of humor and some audience love action thriller movie.

That’s why this movie got a good response from the audience and everybody can enjoy this film on Amazon Prime Video and also some other different Streaming Platforms.

Deadly Entanglement 2023 Movie Cast:

Here is the cast list of Deadly Entanglement:

  • Monica Calhoun
  • Vanessa Simmons
  • Memphis Cade
  • De’Variyay Harris
  • Rico Simonini
  • Christina Sturgeon
Monica Calhoun
Monica Calhoun
Vanessa Simmons
Vanessa Simmons
Memphis Cade
Memphis Cade

Deadly Entanglement 2023 Story:

The story of Deadly Entanglement is mainly focused on three characters:

Deidra: A successful businesswoman and single mother.

Tammy: A wealthy Socialite who is used to getting what she wants.

Charles: A man who is torn between two women (Deidra and Tammy)

Now start the story:

Deidra and Tammy both women love Charles. Tammy is a wife of Charles and Deidra is an ex-wife of Charles.

Now Deidra tries to attract him with her charm. But when this thing doesn’t work then she starts lying and being dishonest.

Then the story continues and now Deidra tries to convict Tammy of a crime she didn’t commit, and she also tries to kill her.

Now Tammy makes a decision that she proves herself innocent and she also knows that Deidra is a very dangerous woman but she will not give up.

She takes help from her best friend whose name is Pam, Both are searching for evidence of her wrongdoings. But Deidra is always one step ahead.

Now it is very interesting to see how Tammy makes herself innocent or not if you want to know that then you will need to watch this film.

And promise, guys you will like it.

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Deadly Entanglement Trailer:

The trailer starts with Jay who plays basketball and their mother says that dinner is ready now the screen shifts to a woman (Deidra, Charles’s Ex-Wife) who wants full custody of Jay.

Now Tammy (Charles’s wife) asks her husband what happened between Deidra, Charles Reply that our relationship was toxic.

Screen shift on Tammy who feels something wrong, for full information then you can watch this trailer which is given below:

Deadly Entanglement 2023 Soundtrack:

Now there is no official soundtrack available for the Deadly Entanglement 2023 movie, but a few songs also feature in this movie:

  • “Dangerous” by Keri Hilson
  • “Seduction” by Monica
  • “No One Will” by Vanessa Simmons
  • “Can’t Let You Go” by Memphis Cade
  • “Deadly Entanglement (Theme)” by Bobby Yan

Deadly Entanglement Rating:

Deadly Entanglement is another best film, and it got love from the audience.

On IMDb, it got a 5.3 Rating out of 10, which is quite good.

It is worth it to watch or not?

Guys, it depends on you because if you Action, Drama, or Thriller movie then definitely you should watch this film.

But if you don’t love this genre of film then we don’t think it’s best for you.

Here are some key features that help you should watch this film or not:


Actors play their roles outstandingly.

Full on Action, Drama, and Thrill


The story can be Predictable.

Sometime scene will bore will.

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So guys here you got the full information about the Deadly Entanglement Movie 2023 Release Date, Cast, Trailer, and so many things.

My friends if love Action, Drama films then this Movie is perfect for you.

Hope you liked this Article, If you have any suggestions or questions then definitely tell us.

Till that time enjoy it and God Bless You.

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