Explore The World of eSports With Falling Into Your Smile Season 2!

Falling Into Your Smile is s famous Chinese TV Show that was released in 2021, It’s about love and gaming. The audience loves this TV Show.

That’s why here we are going to discuss the Falling Into Your Smile Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Episodes, and so many things.

So let’s get started:

Falling Into Your Smile Season 2:

This TV Show is based on the novel of the same name written by Qing Mei. The lead role is Lu Sicheng, who is the leader of the gaming team named ZGDX.

Falling Into Your Smile is a popular TV Show that is liked by the audience.

And it shows the e-sports game in a very realistic way and has a heartwarming romantic story.

This TV Show is one of the most popular Chinese TV Show in 2021.

The story is very interesting and connected to everyone’s feelings. It’s about facing difficulties and making dreams come true.

It has a top-notch level of production value, it is filmed nicely, costumes and places look very real.

Story about a girl (Tong Yao) who does well job where mostly boys work. But some peoples are treated very unfairly because she is women.

They think that she can’t do anything. But Tong Yao is very strong and wants to achieve success in her life.

Overall the story is about her journey to find love and success.

Here are some overview details given below:

SeriesFalling Into Your Smile
Total Seasons1
Total Episodes31 (Season 1)
DirectorQiu Zhong Wei
Writer(s)Jia Chang
Country of OriginChina
Original LanguageChinese
Available LanguagesChinese, Korean
First Episode Aired On23 June 2021
The last Episode Aired On15 July 2021
Available OnNetflix

Now let’s talk about whether will there be a season 2 falling into your smile.

Falling Into Your Smile Season 2 Release Date:

Guys, actually we don’t know when season 2 of Falling Into Your Smile comes out. The makers don’t say anything about the making of another season.

But guys we know this TV Show is fantastic and popular in China as well as other countries.

So they may decide to make the next season later, and if they decide to make another season then it will release around in 2024 or 2025.

In 2021, this TV Show has become more popular not only in China but also in other countries.

This TV Series showed what happened in the world of professional video gaming and it also had a very sweet love story in this Show.

Guys if the makers want to make it next season then it might come out in 2024.

We will give you the updates regarding Falling Into Your Smile Season 2 Release Date.

Meanwhile, you can watch the first season of the show.

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Falling Into Your Smile Season 2 Cast:

Here is the Cast list of Falling Into Your Smile Season 2:

Xu KaiLu Sicheng
Cheng XiaoTong Yao
Zhai Xiao WenJian Yang
Yao ChiLu Wenzhou
Zhou Yi RanYe Xiu
Xiao Kai ZhongYu Bin
Wang Ruo ShanGao Xiang
Qi Yan DiYe Shaohua
Gao HanBruce Crossey
Xu Kai
Xu Kai
Cheng Xiao
Cheng Xiao
Zhai Xiao Wen
Zhai Xiao Wen

Falling Into Your Smile Season 2 Episodes Details:

Guys, we know that Falling Into Your Smile Season 2 hasn’t been officially released.

So that’s why we can’t able to give you information about season 2 episodes.

If they decide to make a second season then it might have around the same number of episodes as the first season.

The first season had 31 episodes, But it is possible to change several episodes as per the situation demands.

If this drama TV Show is renewed then it will be released in 2024. Till the time you can watch the previous season’s episodes.

Here are the details given below:

Season 1 Episodes:

  1. Smile At Me
  2. The New Girl
  3. The First Training Session
  4. The First Match
  5. The Hot Pot Incident
  6. The Storm
  7. The Return of Lu Yue
  8. The Truth About Lu Yue
  9. The Match Against TAT
  10. The Aftermath of the Match
  11. The New Teammate
  12. The New Coach
  13. The Road to the World Championships
  14. The World Championships
  15. The Aftermath of the World Championships
  16. The Future
  17. The Wedding
  18. The Epilogue
  19. The Rematch
  20. The New Challenger
  21. The First Kiss
  22. The Truth About Tong Yao
  23. The Battle of the Mind
  24. The New Strategy
  25. The Road to Victory
  26. The Grand Final
  27. The Aftermath of the Grand Final
  28. The New Beginning
  29. The New Challenge
  30. The Confession
  31. The Happy Ending

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Falling Into Your Smile Season 2 Trailer:

There isn’t an official trailer available for Falling Into Your Smile Season 2 right now.

This TV Show isn’t officially approved for a second season.

But some information come that this TV Show might be renewed for next season.

And fans are also excited for when it might come out.

Guys if they want to decide to make more episodes then the main show characters, Xu Kai as Lu Sicheng and Cheng Xiao as Tong Yao, will probably come back in the next season.

In season 2, Lu Sicheng and Tong Yao might be a couple in the show and they face new problems for success in their life.

The TV Series also explores more love stories including the good and bad things in the relationship.

We know guys, you are eagerly awaiting season 2, but my dear friends we will need to wait for the second season.

As long as you can watch the first season trailer.

Here we give the trailer link below:

Where To Watch Falling Into Your Smile Season 2:

Guys if they make season 2 of Falling Into Your Smile TV Show then it will probably to released on the same streaming platform as season 1.

Season 1 was released on Netflix and iQIYI in China.

And it might also come on other platforms like Viki or WeTV.

Rating of Falling Into Your Smile TV Show:

The first season got a very well response from the audience as well as critics.

And it received a very good rating of 8.2/10 on IMDb based on 10,000 users

It also received a 91% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes based on 20 reviews.

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Falling Into Your Smile Season 2 Story:

Guys season 2 hasn’t been officially confirmed yet but some possible stories could happen.

This possibilities are given below:

The ZGDX might continue their journey and become the best eSports through competing with big championships.

Tong Yao and Lu Sicheng decide to get married and make their own family.

This team might be facing some new problems like money problems, fighting among themselves, or injuries.

It will also be possible for new people to join the season 2 story, which could make it more interesting.

It might also happen, that some people treat others unfairly.

Overall guys the story will come it depends on the writers.

This TV Show is become very popular, that’s why fans are excited for season 2.

Why Should I Watch Falling Into Your Smile TV Show:

If you are asking this question then guys it depends on your choice but here we are giving some points that give you the reason why should you watch this TV Show:

  1. The story is about love’s strength and teamwork.
  2. The realistic look of the professional gaming world.
  3. A story about chasing a dream.
  4. Standout Cast performances.
  5. Humor and Heartfelt moments.

Overall guys if you love gaming and romantic love stories then definitely, we should give suggestions that go ahead and watch this TV Show.


So guys here we discussed the Falling Into Your Smile Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Story, Episodes and so many things.

If you have any queries related to this TV Show then definitely tell us, and we will give you the answer.

Till The Time Be Happy and God Bless You.


How many episodes are there in Falling Into Your Smile 2?

Guys in September 2023, we don’t know how many episodes are there in season 2 because guys season 2 hasn’t been released yet.

It might be possible that season 2 also has the same number of episodes as season 1 and likely that total episodes could be changed as per situations demand.

Is the game Falling Into Your Smile real?

Yes, the game present in Falling Into Your Smile is real and this game is called Onmyoji Arena.

If talking about this game then it is a game where five players team up to battle against another five players online.

This game is developed by NetEase Games.

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