Mind-Blowing Twists and Turns in Nevertheless Season 2

Nevertheless is a South Korean TV Show that started in 2021. This TV Show is based on a Webcomic of the same name and written by Jeong Se-woon.

So here we are discussing the Nevertheless Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Story, All Episodes, and so many things.

So without wasting time let’s talk about the Nevertheless Season 2.

Nevertheless Season 2 Netflix:

Guys Nevertheless is a Korean Drama TV Show which is about a story revolving around two students.

These two students’ name is Too Na-bi and Park Jae-eon.

Na-bi doesn’t trust love because she got hurt before but she still hopes to find love once again.

Jae-eon is a charming and handsome guy but he doesn’t believe in a serious relationship with just one person.

The audience loves this TV Show because it shows love and relationships in a very real and the character’s performances are also great. They have many feelings and thoughts.

Here you see some overview details of Nevertheless Season 2:

Created byJTBC
Based onNevertheless by Jung Seo
Written byJung Won
Directed byKim Ga-ram
Country of originSouth Korea
Original languageKorean
No. of episodes10
Running time70 minutes
Original networkJTBC, Netflix
Original releaseJune 19 – August 21, 2021

Now let’s talk about season 2 of Nevertheless.

Nevertheless Season 2 Release Date:

At present there is no official confirmation available for Nevertheless Season 2 till September 2023.

The first season was released on June 19, 2021, and ended on August 21, 2021.

And first season grabbed many people from their unique storytelling way and character performances.

That means a lot of people liked this TV Show, so season 2 may come in the future.

But we are not sure when will be released season 2.

And it will be a very high chance to make the next season of Nevertheless, The TV Show makers JTBC haven’t refused to make the next season.

And the show’s director is interested in returning with another season.

So if they decide to make another season then this TV Show will be possible to be released at the end of 2024.

Because Korean TV Show takes more time to make.

So if any updates come from the TV Show makers then we will let you know, So we need to wait for Season 2.

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Nevertheless Season 2 Cast:

Here is the Cast list of Nevertheless Season 2:

Han So-heeYoo Na-bi
Song KangPark Jae-eon
Chae Jong-hyeopYang Do-hyeok
Lee Yul-eumYoon Seol-ah
Yang Hye-jiOh Bit-na
Kim Min-gwiNam Gyu-hyun
Lee Ho-jungYoon Sol
Yoon Seo-ahSeo Ji-wan
Jung Jae-kwangAhn Kyung-joon
Han Eu-ddeumMin-young
Yoon Sa-bongJung Sook-eun
Seo Hye-wonJang Se-young
Son Bo-seungMin-sang
Han So-hee
Han So-hee
Song Kang
Song Kang
Chae Jong-hyeop
Chae Jong-hyeop

Nevertheless Season 2 Episodes:

As we told you season 2 is not confirmed yet, so we don’t have episodes details of season 2.

But don’t be sad guys You can see the episodes of season 1 until season 2 is released.

Here is given below the details of Nevertheless Season 1 Episodes:

Episode 1: There’s No Such Thing as Fate

Episode 2: It’s Not Only Me

Episode 3: It Has Already Begun

Episode 4: I Know It Isn’t Love

Episode 5: I Know Nothing Will Change

Episode 6: There’s No Such Thing as Love

Episode 7: I Know There’s No Turning Back

Episode 8: I Know It’s a Lie

Episode 9: I Know It’s Over

Episode 10: Nevertheless, I Still

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Nevertheless Season 2 Trailer:

Right Now, there is no official trailer available for season 2 because the makers have not confirmed for season 2 yet.

A lot of peoples love this TV Show and wants it for its second season.

If nevertheless gets a second season then it might be released at the end of 2024 because usually Korean Drama takes 2 to 3 years to make a TV Show.

Until you can watch first-season trailer, here is given below:

Nevertheless Season 2 Storyline:

Guys if Nevertheless, TV Show comes back with the next season, it would start when the first season was ended.

Na-bi and Jae-eon will try to fix their relationship, but it is not very easy because Jae-eon has trouble with their commitment.

In season 2 the story will focus on some characters like Yang Seo-hyun and Oh Bit-na.

Oh Bit-na is an independent-minded person who is not scared to show what she wants, but she has been hurt by love before.

It is possible in season 2 that explore more about love and when people like each other a lot.

It also shows how the characters their feelings and find happiness.

However, it is also possible that Nevertheless TV Show will not be renewed for a second season.

Because the first season wasn’t good in South Korea and very few people watched this TV Show.

And one more thing, Netflix who showed this TV Series worldwide, hasn’t said anything about season 2.

So it is very uncertain whether they will make more episodes or not.

We don’t know yet whether Nevertheless, TV Show will have another season or not.

But if we look forward to fans of the Nevertheless, they love this TV Series and want more episodes.

So the renewal of season 2 will be known in the future and we need to wait for the second season.

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Where To Watch Neverthless TV Show:

Guys if you want to watch this TV Show then it is available Netflix (International) for English Language, Netflix (South Korea) for Korean Language and it is also available in JTBC Platform.

Streaming PlatformAvailable Countries
NetflixSouth Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Japan, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Brunei, Middle East, North Africa, Europe, United States, Canada, Latin America
jTBCSouth Korea


Hope guys you will get full information about Nevertheless Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Episodes, and so many things.

If you have any questions regarding this TV Show then tell me, and we will give you the answer.

Till The Time Be Happy And God Bless You.


How many episodes of Nevertheless will there be?

There are a total of 10 episodes available of Nevertheless TV Show.

Did Nevertheless get canceled?

We don’t know Nevertheless get cancelled or not because there is no official announcement from the makers.

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