Scream Queens Season 3 Will Be Out Sooner Than You Expect.

Scream Queens is an American TV Show which is very funny and scary, This TV show streamed on Fox Channel from September 22, 2015, to December 16, 2016.

And This TV Series is created by Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk, and Ian Brennan. This team had worked with Alexis Martin Woodall and some other production companies.

It is a mixture of Comedy as well as Horror. So if you haven’t watched this TV Series at this time then we will recommend you to watch this TV Show.

But Now today we are here to discuss the Scream Queens Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Review and so many things.

So you read this article.

Scream Queens Season 3

scream queens tv series
GenreComedy, Horror
Created byRyan Murphy, Brad Falchuk, Ian Brennan
Country of originUnited States
Original languageEnglish
Original networkFox
Original releaseSeptember 22, 2015 – December 20, 2016
No. of seasons2
No. of episodes23

The first season of Scream Queens was focused on the Kappa Kappa Tau Sorority which is placed on Wallace University.

And this Sorority leader is Chanel Oberlin who is played by Emma Roberts and the supporting team members are Ariana Grande and Billie Lourd Abigail Breslin. But their group is in danger because of Dean Cathy Munsh.

The story gets intense when a murder mystery from 20 years ago resurfaces, where a serial killer Dressed Red Devil Mascot starts targeting sorority members.

And in the second season, “Scream Queens” and story start with C.U.R.E. Institute Hospital. And in this season we see that new group members where the first season cast also includes.

This time, group members encounter serial killer Green Meanie.

Scream Queens TV Show got mixed reviews from the audience, People had different opinions about it, some viewers liked it funny and satirical.

But some audiences didn’t like this TV Show, because it had too much violence and was not original, Overall it made very well money and both seasons together were watched by a total of 3 million audience.

Now let’s talk about the will there be Scream Queens Season 3 or not.

Scream Queens Season 3 Release Date:

Scream Queens Season 3 has been officially released on September 19, 2023, and the season will end on November 21, 2023. If you want to watch this TV Show then you could watch it on Fox, or you could watch it on Hulu the day after it came out on TV.

Guys this new season starts a few years after what happened in the last season. This means this TV Show is about a group of students called Channel.

Some of the actors who come back from the previous seasons, like Skyler Samuels and Niecy Nash, are back in their roles.

Also, new actors joined this story, including Addison Riecke, Kyla-Drew, Lola Tung, Sadie Sink, Daniel DiMaggio, Grant Palmer, and Isaak Presley. This season has a total of 10 episodes.

Scream Queens Season 3 is the best choice for fans who really like Dark Humour, Horror, and Thriller Show. It’s really fun, and exciting and makes you ponder things from the beginning to the end.

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Scream Queens Season 3 Cast:

As we discussed that there is no official announcement come from the makers of Scream Queens Season 3, So the also not confirmed of Cast of Scream Queens Season 3, But it may be possible that the cast will present in season 3 who was present in both seasons, Checkout the previous season’s cast list:

Here is the list of the cast of Scream Queens TV Show:

Scream Queens Season 1 Cast:

Emma RobertsChanel Oberlin
Lea MicheleHester Ulrich / Chanel
Skyler SamuelsGrace Gardner
Billie LourdSadie Swenson / Chanel
Keke PalmerZayday Williams
Abigail BreslinLibby Putney / Chanel
Nasim PedradGigi Caldwell / Jess Meyer
Glen PowellChad Radwell
Diego BonetaPete Martinez
Oliver HudsonWeston “Wes” Gardner
Jamie Lee CurtisDean Cathy Munsch
Emma Roberts
Emma Roberts
lea michele
lea michele
skyler samuels
Skyler Samuels

Scream Queens Season 2 Cast:

Emma RobertsChanel Oberlin
Jamie Lee CurtisDean Cathy Munsch
Lea MicheleHester Ulrich / Chanel
Abigail BreslinLibby Putney / Chanel
Keke PalmerZayday Williams
John StamosDr. Brock Holt
Taylor LautnerDr. Cassidy Cascade
Kirstie AlleyNurse Ingrid Hoffel
James EarlChamberlain Jackson

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Scream Queens Season 3 Cast:

Addison RieckeChanel #3
Billie LourdSadie Swenson
Emma RobertsChanel Oberlin
Grant PalmerChanel #5
Isaak PresleyChanel #6
Kyla-DrewChanel #7
Lea MicheleN/A
Lola TungChanel #4
Niecy NashDenise Hemphill
Sadie SinkChanel #2
Skyler SamuelsTiffany Smith

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Story of Scream Queens Season 3:

One and half years ago, something terrible happened in Cathy’s Hospital, since then Chanel Oberlin has moved on himself from this trouble and now she lives with her friends and family in peaceful life.

But she decides to invite her friends and family on a cruise ship vacation, and after that things change unexpectedly in the wrong way.

A new serial killer named Magenta Mermaid is on the ship and Chanel also be realized that her past enemy, Cathy Munsch also present on that ship.

When more people are killed, that time things become more dangerous and scary. Now it is unpredictable what will happen when the ship arrived at’s destination.

Scream Queens Season 3 Story will also explore the Magenta Mermaid Backstory. We will know the Motives, what are the cause behind the kills, and also what connection of Magenta Mermaid between Cathy and Chanel.

Apart from we also see the more of other characters from the first two seasons trying to survive the latest round of murders.

Season 3 is also similar to Season 1, it is a mixture of humor and horror. The show will continue with their one-liners and also dramatic killing.

But when more people will be killed then the story’s atmosphere will have been more marked.

Scream Queens Season 3 is an exciting and suspenseful thrilling TV Show, and this show, it presents all elements and mysterious things which are presented in the first and second seasons of Scream Queens.

Scream Queens TV Series All Episodes:

Here you will get the all episodes list of the TV Show Scream Queens:

Season 1 All Episodes:

EpisodeAir Date
PilotSeptember 22, 2015
Hell WeekSeptember 29, 2015
ChainsawOctober 6, 2015
Haunted HouseOctober 13, 2015
Pumpkin PatchOctober 20, 2015
Seven Minutes in HellOctober 27, 2015
Beware of Young GirlsNovember 3, 2015
Mommie DearestNovember 10, 2015
Ghost StoriesNovember 17, 2015
ThanksgivingNovember 24, 2015
Black FridayDecember 1, 2015
DorkusDecember 8, 2015
The Final Girl(s)December 8, 2015

Season 2 All Episodes:

Episode TitleAir Date
¡Scream Again!September 20, 2016
Out of the PastSeptember 27, 2016
Freak ShowOctober 4, 2016
Hospital ShowOctober 11, 2016
The Black WidowOctober 18, 2016
The Chanel CommandmentsOctober 25, 2016
Shady NastyNovember 1, 2016
WheelsNovember 8, 2016
The End of the WorldNovember 15, 2016
The Final ChapterDecember 20, 2016
Season 3 All Episodes:
Episode TitleRelease Date
Chanel-O-WeenSeptember 19, 2023
The Haunted High SchoolSeptember 26, 2023
The Red Devil ReturnsOctober 3, 2023
The SéanceOctober 10, 2023
The PromOctober 17, 2023
The Homecoming GameOctober 24, 2023
The Halloween BallOctober 31, 2023
The Thanksgiving MassacreNovember 7, 2023
The Winter FormalNovember 14, 2023
The Red Devil RevealedNovember 21, 2023

Scream Queens Season 3 Review:

Scream Queens is a Popular TV Show, But some rumor comes that this TV Show will be set in Summer Camp.

Now this time, a very dangerous person wants to attack the camp and make harms the kids.

And in this season, it will make more funny, scary, and suspenseful moments present will like by the fans.

Ryan Murphy is an expert to make campy horror TV Shows and Scream Queens is the best example of that.

Scream Queens Season 3 does really well because this TV Show takes place in a high school. These things make TV Shows about new stuff. The new group of actors performed very well and everyone liked them.

This TV Show has lots of surprises and very unexpected events that make people surprise, and they think about what’s going to happen next.

Overall this TV Show talks about thee actual problems in school and also other issues in society today.

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Why Should You Watch Scream Queens TV Show:

So one of the great questions asked every time that why should you watch this TV Show or it is worth it to watch it or not?

Now the answer is very simple whether it is up to you whether you will watch this TV Show or not, means that some people loves horror, adventure tv show.

And if you love this category or genre then you will like this TV Show.

So here we are giving some points that help Scream Queens Season 3 is worth it or not:


  1. The TV Show will be full of Horror, Humor and Suspenseful.
  2. Summer Camp will make more existing.
  3. This TV Show could crossover the American Horror Story.


  1. It’s too complicated to understand.
  2. Humor could be over in some time.
  3. It loses its original charm after some time.

Scream Queens Season 3 Trailer:

The trailer is full of excitementg and makes you curious, Scream Queens season 3 trailer has lots of scary and funny moments. And it also gives a little hint about the problems come in this new season, like bullying, stress and so many things.

Scream Queens TV Show Ratings:

Here is the list of Scream Queens ‘ Season and Second Season Ratings:

Scream Queens Season 1 Rating:

  1. On IMDb, it got 7.2 out of 10 ratings which is based on 100,878 users.
  2. On Rotten Tomatoes Audience Score is 68% and the rating is 6.3 out of 10 based on 74 users review.
  3. In Metacritic: 59/100 rating which is based on 33 critics’ review

Scream Queens Season 2 Ratings:

  1. On IMDb, it got a 6.8 rating out of 10 which is based on 35,043 users review.
  2. Rotten Tomatoes got an 83% Audience Score based on 6 users’ reviews.
  3. On Metacritic: 67/100 based on 5 critics.


So guys here we have discussed the Scream Queens Season 3 Release Date, Cast of Scream Queens Season 3, Storyline, Trailer and so many things.

Scream Queens Season 3 is not available or released at present time but if any update comes from the makers then we will give you updates.

Hope you enjoy this article, if any suggestions or queries then definitely give us, don’t be hesitate.

Till that time keep updated and God Bless You.


How many seasons of Scream Queen are there?

There are 3 Season presents of Scream Queens TV Show.

Who are the 3 killers in Scream Queens?

Hester Ulrich and Boone Clemens are the Red Devils in Season 1.

Dr. Cassidy Cascade and Ingrid Marie Hoffel are the Green Meanies in Season 2.

Who is the queen of all Scream Queens?

Jamie Lee Curtis is the queen of all Scream Queens.

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