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“The Clearing” is a psychological thriller TV show from Australia. It has eight episodes and is available on Disney+. This show is based on a true story about a cult with a female leader. You can watch it on Disney+ and Hulu, starting from May 24, 2023.

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The Clearing Season 2

SeasonThe Clearing
Total No. of Seasons1
Total No. of Episodes8 (Season 1)
StatusSeason 1 running
WriterMatt Cameron, J.P. Pomare
DirectorGracie Otto, Jeffrey Walker
GenreDrama, Mystery, Thriller
StarsErroll Shand, Guy Pearce, Teresa Palmer
MusicMark Bradshaw
Country of OriginAustralia
Origin LanguageEnglish
Available LanguagesEnglish
First Season Aired On24 May 2023
Last Season Aired OnTBA
Available OnHulu

Jeffrey Walker and Gracie Otto directed this movie. It’s based on the book “In the Clearing” by J. P. Pomare, which is a made-up story inspired by the Australian New Age group called The Family. The film features Miranda Otto, Teresa Palmer, and Guy Pearce as its main stars.

“The Clearing” is about a woman named Sarah (played by Teresa Palmer). She must face her scary past to stop a secret cult. This cult wants to gather kids for a big plan.

Sarah grew up in this cult, but she got away as a teenager. She’s been hiding ever since. But now, her past returns to scare her. The cult is still around, and they’re after her daughter.

Sarah has to hurry to save her child and make things right for the other kids the cult has taken.

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The Clearing Season 2 Release Date:

Hulu hasn’t given the green light for Clearing Season 2. The show was originally meant to be a short series, so it’s doubtful there will be another season. Plus, the people who made the show haven’t said they’re working on more episodes.

The Clearing might come back for another season if it’s liked by viewers. Hulu usually takes a few months to decide if they’ll make more episodes. So, fans might need to be patient for news about a second season.

We’ll keep an eye on things and let you know if we get any new information.

The Clearing Season 2 Cast:

The Season 2 cast for “The Clearing” hasn’t been revealed yet, but most of the main actors from Season 1 will likely come back.

Teresa PalmerFreya Heywood
Miranda OttoAdrienne Beaufort
Guy PearceDr. Bryce Latham
Julia SavageAmy Beaufort
Hazem ShammasYusuf Joe Saad
Erroll ShandHenrik Wilczek
Anna Lise PhillipsHannah Wilczek
Xavier SamuelColin Garrison
Lily LaTorreAsha
Miah MaddenMax Dhurrkay
Teresa Palmer
Teresa Palmer
Miranda Otto
Miranda Otto
Guy Pearce
Guy Pearce

The new cast might join Season 2, but nothing’s confirmed. Keep in mind, we’re just guessing since they haven’t said anything about the Season 2 cast of The Clearing.

The Clearing Season 2 Episodes:

As of October 2023, there’s no information about the second season of “The Clearing,” so we don’t know anything about Season 2 episodes.

If the show gets renewed, it’s likely Season 2 will continue where Season 1 ended, with Freya and Wayne getting back together with their children. We can’t predict the exact storylines for Season 2 just yet.

But if you didn’t watch the first season episode, then here we are giving the episode details, please check it.

  1. The Season of Unfoldment
  2. Kindred
  3. Suffer the Little Children
  4. The Foundlings
  5. Maitreya
  6. The Gathering
  7. This Too Shall Pass
  8. Island

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The Clearing Season 2 Trailer:

The Season 2 trailer of The Clearing hasn’t come out yet, and they haven’t told us when the new season will be released.

But if you want to watch The Clearing Season 1 Trailer, Then here we are giving the link:

The Clearing Season 1 Storyline:

Season 1 of “The Clearing” is about Freya Heywood, a woman who has to face her past when a local girl goes missing. Freya survived a group called The Kindred, led by a charismatic person named Adrienne Beaufort. She managed to get away from the group when she was a teenager, but her past experiences still troubled her.

When a girl named Asha from their town goes missing, Freya thinks that a group called The Kindred might be behind it. She starts looking into it and finds out that this group is still around, and they’re going after kids. Freya has to act fast to prevent The Kindred from taking Asha and other children.

During her journey, Freya faces some personal challenges. She’s been finding it hard to cope with the painful experiences from her past, and she worries that if she gets too involved with The Kindred, those memories might overwhelm her. She also carries the burden of guilt because she couldn’t rescue her younger sister, who The Kindred also captured.

In the end, Freya successfully prevents The Kindred from taking Asha and the other children. She also confronts Adrienne Beaufort and reveals her wrongdoing to the public. But Freya knows that The Kindred might return, and she’s ready to fight them again if needed.

“The Clearing Season 1” is a tense and suspenseful thriller that delves into the perils of cults and the pain they cause to those involved. It’s also a tale of strength and optimism.

The Clearing TV Show Review:

Season 1 of “The Clearing” is a mysterious and intense psychological thriller. It delves into the unsettling world of cults. The series is adapted from J.P. Pomare’s book, “In the Clearing.” It follows Asha, a young girl who gets abducted and ends up in a cult known as The Kindred.

Season 1 of “The Clearing” is a show that takes its time to create suspense. It’s also pretty unsettling because it delves into the creepy parts of human behavior and how cults can mess with people’s minds.

The show received compliments for its great acting, captivating visuals, and smart writing. Still, some people didn’t like it because it was a bit slow, and the topics it dealt with were unsettling.

In the end, The Clearing Season 1 is a well-done and thought-provoking thriller that you’ll remember for a long time. If you enjoy dark and psychological thrillers, you should check it out.

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