Siesta Key Season 6: The Most Exciting Moments Ever!

Siesta is a TV Show that was started in July 2017, on MTV. This TV Show is about young people who live in Siesta Key, Florida.

This TV Show tells us about the importance of friendship, relationships, and also what’s important for a job in our life.

So here we are going to discuss about the Siesta Key Season 6 Release Date.

As well as we will also know What will be the cast of season 6 of the Siesta Key TV Series.

Where to Watch this TV Show, Trailer, Episodes. And so many things.

So without wasting your time let’s start the overview details of Siesta Key.

Siesta Key Season 6

NameSiesta Key
GenreReality television
Created byMark Ford, Warren Skeels
Country of originUnited States
Original languageEnglish
No. of seasons5
No. of episodes91
Running time42 minutes
Original networkMTV
Original releaseJuly 31, 2017 – Present

Guys Siesta Key is a very interesting TV Show which is about a group of young people who are in their age early 20s.

This TV Show is full of drama, excitement, romance, and friendship. And you will watch this TV Show because it is very interesting and exciting.

And also this TV Show has a fantastic cast and they Impress you.

The cast of this TV Show are different from each other. And you can understand how they will connect.

Every person on this TV Show has their own story.

Like Juliette, who is a fashion designer and a very kind person.

Then Chloe, who enjoys their college life. And guys we can’t forget about Alex, who is an Investor and he invests in the Real Estate business.

But sometimes he finds himself in trouble situations. And friendship and strong relationships among the people on the show are a very big reason why this TV Show has so interesting

Some couples are really happy and some are really in trouble.

Guys if you want to watch a very exciting, easy to connect with and full of drama TV Show. Then believe me guys this TV Show has made it only for you.

Siesta Key Season 6 Release Date:

Siesta Key Season 6 is not officially released yet by MTV. But there are a lot of people who are watching this TV Show and like it.

So there is a very good chance to make a season 6. And if they decide to make then Siesta Key Season 6 could be released in late 2023 or early 2024.

So possible that the TV Show is coming back for season 6. People who like this TV Show are getting excited.

Because the show is very interesting and exciting many people want to watch it again and they also want to watch their favorite characters.

When the first season was released in 2017 it became very popular in the USA.

The Siesta Key fifth season has just finished and now fans want for sixth season.

However, one of the cast members of this TV Show, Juliette Porter, has hinted that the is not a very high chance of next season.

SeasonRelease Date
Siesta Key Season 1July 31, 2017
Siesta Key Season 2January 22, 2019
Siesta Key Season 3January 7, 2020
Siesta Key Season 4May 12, 2021
Siesta Key Season 5March 10, 2022
Siesta Key Season 6Not Announced

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Siesta Key Season 6 Cast:

The Official Cast list of Siesta Key hasn’t been officially revealed yet, But it’s probably that most of the same cast from season 5 will be back.

Here is the probably cast list for Siesta Key Season 6:

Juliette Porter in Siesta Key TV Show
Juliette Porter
Chloe Trautman
Chloe Trautman
Madisson Hausburg
Madisson Hausburg

And Guys one more thing new cast members could be also added in Season 6, and now it is very interesting to see who will be joining this group members.

Siesta Key Season 6 Episodes:

Siesta Key Season 6 hasn’t been officially announced yet, So we don’t know about the episode details of this TV Show.

But until the episodes of season 6 are announced, You can know about the episodes of the previous season, and information of which is given below:

Siesta Key Season 1

  • Episode 1: Romeo and Juliette
  • Episode 2: We Need to Talk About Chloe
  • Episode 3: Kelsey’s New Crew
  • Episode 4: Alex’s Kingdom
  • Episode 5: Madisson’s Avenues
  • Episode 6: Juliette’s Bahama Drama
  • Episode 7: Messy Messy Kelsey
  • Episode 8: Juliette’s Decision
  • Episode 9: Kelsey’s Goodbye
  • Episode 10: Alex’s Future
  • Episode 11: Madisson’s New Life
  • Episode 12: The Siesta Key Reunion

Siesta Key Season 2

  • Episode 1: New Beginnings
  • Episode 2: Second Chances
  • Episode 3: Mixed Signals
  • Episode 4: Broken Trust
  • Episode 5: New Flames
  • Episode 6: Testing Limits
  • Episode 7: Crossroads
  • Episode 8: Secrets Revealed
  • Episode 9: New Chapters
  • Episode 10: The Siesta Key Reunion

Siesta Key Season 3

  • Episode 1: New Horizons
  • Episode 2: Past Mistakes
  • Episode 3: New Love Interests
  • Episode 4: Growing Pains
  • Episode 5: Facing the Truth
  • Episode 6: New Beginnings
  • Episode 7: Tough Decisions
  • Episode 8: Relationships Tested
  • Episode 9: New Adventures
  • Episode 10: The Siesta Key Reunion

Siesta Key Season 4

  • Episode 1: New Beginnings
  • Episode 2: Facing the Past
  • Episode 3: New Love Interests
  • Episode 4: Changing Dynamics
  • Episode 5: New Challenges
  • Episode 6: Heartbreak and Healing
  • Episode 7: New Directions
  • Episode 8: Turning Points
  • Episode 9: New Chapters
  • Episode 10: The Siesta Key Reunion

Siesta Key Season 5

  • Episode 1: Welcome to Miami
  • Episode 2: You Are in a Huge Pond Now
  • Episode 3: Ask Your Best Friend
  • Episode 4: He Was Flirting with Her
  • Episode 5: We Gotta Put on a Good Show
  • Episode 6: This TV Show Changed You
  • Episode 7: Our Best Friend’s Ex-Boyfriend’s Shirt
  • Episode 8: He’s Never Picked You
  • Episode 9: The Miami Moves Reunion
  • Episode 10: Siesta Key: After the Show

Siesta Key Season 6 Trailer:

Guys makers has not been reveled official trailer of Siesta Key Season 6, but till the time you can watch Siesta Key Season 5 Trailer, here is link given below:

Siesta Key Season 6 Storyline:

Guys, we don’t know what story will be present in Siesta Key Season 6 because this season hasn’t been officially confirmed.

But probably going to keep showing what the cast members do in their relationship, friendship, and also their work.

Here we are going to explore some possibilities points that could happen in season 6:

Juliette will continue to focus on their fashion designing career and also her relationship with Sam.

Chloe will keep discovering continue about new things and also trying to decide what she wants to do in her life.

Madisson will try to forget about her relationship with Brandon and look for a new one to love.

Alex wants to grow up and become a very good person.

Amanda may continue facing problems with Kelsey in their relationship.

Brandon wants to get the trust back of Madisson.

So, guys, we are just guessing what story could be possible in season 6.

And we need to wait to see what happens in the next season of Siesta Key. We are pretty sure that season 6 will have a lot of fun and drama with a love story and friendship.

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Siesta Key TV Show Ratings:

Siesta Key TV Show got mixed up reviews and ratings from the users and also critics.

In IMDb:

Siesta Key TV Show has 4.8/10 ratings based on 839 user votes. We know guys this rating is quite low.

But guys if you love romantic, drama TV Shows then you can neglect this rating.

Where Can I Watch Siesta Key Season 6:

If you want to watch Siesta Key Season 6 TV Show then because season 6 is not currently airing on any streaming platforms.

But if you haven’t watched the previous season of this TV Show then go ahead and watch it on the following streaming platform which is given below:

  1. Philo
  2. Fubo TV
  3. Paramount Plus
  4. Vudu
  5. Hulu
  6. Amazon Prime Video
  7. Apple TV

Now let’s talk about why should we watch the Siesta Key TV Show.

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Why Should Watch Siesta Key TV Show:

Now guys if you like Romantic, Drama reality TV Shows, Then we highly recommend you to watch this TV Show.

Here some points are given below to explain why should watch Siesta Key:

  • The Cast performance is relatable and very diverse.
  • This TV Show explores real-world problems.
  • The story is very intense.
  • The TV show is very nice.

Overall guys if you are looking for a fun and interesting reality TV Show then this TV Show is one of the best reality TV Shows.

When is Siesta Key coming back?

We are not sure if the Siesta Key TV Show is coming back for its next season, The Previous Season had lots of exciting moments but MTV hasn’t revealed anything for season 6.

It is also possible that this TV Show not be renewed because of some reasons like: Stop showing this TV Show because not as many people are still watching this TV Show as before.

Also, some people have complained that the Siesta Key TV Show doesn’t handle mental health issues.

And here MTV also could decide to continue this TV Show for a few reasons.

People still like this TV Show and it’s storyline. The actors have a lot of fans on their social media platforms. And also some people want to watch for its next season.

Siesta Key Season 5 Recap:

We saw in Season 5 of Siesta Key what happens to the friend’s group. They deal with new relationships, friendships, and jobs.

In the beginning, Kelsey and Garrett are having problems because Garrett is feeling jealous of Alex.

And at the same time, Madisson is getting upset because of her mental health issues.

Now Juliette is getting to add their relationship Sam with to her job.

Overall guys season 5 has a lot of drama and emotions, It shows how the main characters deal with their problems and love life.

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So here you must have got full information about Siesta Key Season 6 Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Episodes, and Where To Watch this TV Show.

And if you have any queries related to this TV Show then tell us, We will give you the answer.

Till The Time Be Happy and God Bless You.


How Many Seasons of Siesta Are There?

There are a total of 5 seasons available in the Siesta Key TV Show.

Is Siesta Key on Netflix or Hulu?

Siesta Key is now available on the Hulu streaming platform with its subscription plans.

What network can I Watch Siesta Key on?

You can watch Siesta Key on the MTV network.

What is the Newest season of Siesta Key?

The newest season of Siesta Key TV Show is Season 5 which premiered on October 27, 2022, on MTV network and this season has been ended on January 19, 2023.

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